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With the obvious bias that my draft recap incorporates, here is a link to the Eagles’ site with many more draft reviews. I’m not the only one hailing the Eagles for their 2012 class of rookies and the main thing everyone is focusing on is the Eagles’, “best player available” game plan this year.


1(12)[12] – Fletcher Cox | DT | Mississippi State

2(14)[46] – Mychal Kendricks | ILB | California

2(27)[59] – Vinny Curry | DE | Marshall

3(25)[88] – Nick Foles | QB | Arizona

4(28)[123] – Brandon Boykin | CB | Georgia

5(18)[153] – Dennis Kelly | OT | Purdue

6(24)[194] – Marvin McNutt | WR | Iowa

6(30)[200] – Brandon Washington | OG | Miami

7(22)[229] – Bryce Brown | RB | Kansas St


draft hangover

Wow, what a draft.

The Eagles walked away from the draft with 9 players. Offensive selections outnumbered the defensive ones by 1 making it seem as if the Eagles didn’t address their biggest need, which was a secret to none of us in 2011. Don’t be fooled though, the first three were to plug all those holes on defense and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted Fletcher Cox from the beginning and as soon as Dallas moved up to draft Claiborne, I knew we could get him. Six picks later and there it was, the trade with the Seahawks up to the 12th spot to draft the big, quarterback attacking defensive tackle. Honestly, watching the Eagles play last year and the awesome seasons that Jason Babin and Trent Cole had, to have an immediate play maker added to a rotation that already features another Pro Bowler in Cullen Jenkins, is an insane confidence boost to Eagles’ fans everywhere. We all know our linebackers sucked last year and this guy is going to help them out tremendously.

Seeing as how this is my first post, I’ll wander off topic for a second because I never got to address our trade for DeMeco Ryans. When I saw the tweet on my phone I almost screamed. Well…that looked bad on the screen, but anyway. I was so happy; it’s not every day one of your favorite players gets drafted to your team.

Back to the draft. Second round the Eagles nabbed a player I believed would go first round, with the team’s second second round pick in Vinny Curry. After watching his press conference, and how much he loved being drafted to this organization, I truly feel like he has the ceiling to be the next Reggie White for this team. Thirteen picks prior to Curry, the Eagles drafted linebacker Mychal Kendricks from Cal. Another small versatile linebacker at 5″11′, the Eagles definitely improved the back 3 with this guy. 

Last but not least on the defensive end came in the fourth round when the plummeting stock of Brandon Boykin fell into the Eagles’ lap. Seriously, when I saw they had drafted him I laughed thinking there must have been another guy with the exact same name. I have no idea why teams passed this guy up but I’m sure glad that he’s added to the Eagles’ secondary.

Three days, nine players and a great start to the 2012 season. The offensive side of the draft was more depth oriented and thus less exciting, but none the less am I excited for next year.